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Family Law

Family Law Division

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The courthouses of Orange County Superior Court are open for in-person services.

Some hearings will continue to be conducted remotely by video appearance.

Members of the public are encouraged to wear a mask/facial covering when entering Court facilities regardless of vaccination status, the use of masks/face coverings is strongly recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).

The Court continues to require certain safety measures for COVID-19 exposure. Therefore, in compliance with state and local guidelines, orders, and ordinances, persons who test positive for COVID-19 or display symptoms (irrespective of vaccination status) that are consistent with COVID-19 will not be allowed to enter Court facilities for at least five days, from the start of symptoms or date of testing, if asymptomatic.

Schedule In-Person Counter Service

Family Law Appearance Procedures (Last updated 12/30/2021)

FL - Public Access and Appearance (Last updated 12/30/2021)

Self Help Services for Self Represented Parties (Last updated 12/30/2021)

FL Reference Guide on How to Request or Oppose Remote Appearance (Last updated 01/07/2022)

Family Law Department Directory (Last updated 05/10/2023)

Family Law Remote User Guide Information. (Last updated 12/21/2021)

Family Law Clerk's Office. (Last updated 9/25/2023)

Family Law Court Child Support Clerk's Office. (Last updated 12/21/2021)

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