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Create Court Forms

Fillable Forms

State Judicial Council Approved Fillable Forms: Fillable forms are available for free. There are no prompts to assist you with the completion of the forms. All state approved forms are available for Adoptions, Civil, Conservatorships, Criminal, Guardianships, Family Law, Juvenile, Name Change, Probate, Small Claims, and Traffic.

You may also find audio-visual and written forms instructions for select State Judicial Council Approved fillable forms at the Contra Costa Virtual Self-Help Law Center Forms Instructions page.

Locally Approved Fillable Forms: In addition to forms approved by the state, the Superior Court of Orange County has also approved a variety of free fillable forms, giving you a larger selection of forms to assist you. Some commonly used state and local forms have also been grouped together in "packets" with instruction sheets, taking the guess work out of which forms you need to use.


Want to electronically file (“e-file”) your document? The Superior Court of Orange County currently allows e-filing for the following documents (more documents will be added in the future). Some forms and documents will require the payment of a convenience fee, if you want to submit them to the court electronically.


  • eFiling is available for certain Family Law documents.


  • eFiling is available for all Limited and Unlimited Civil documents.
  • eFiling is required for all Complex Civil documents.

Simple Guided Interviews to Complete Court Forms

Family Law:

Civil Harassment:

Limited Conservatorships :

  • Limited Conservatorship for an Adult or Soon-to-be-Adult with Developmental Disabilities
  • Visit Law Help Interactive  to fill out the petition for a Limited Conservatorship.


  • eFiling is available for Probate documents.

Elder Abuse Restraining Order

You may also use this HotDocs interview program to complete your forms to request or respond to a request for an Elder Abuse Restraining Order.

  1. Visit the account creation page on LHI.
  2. Fill out the information for an ‘advocate’ or ‘court employee’ account and sign up, as you need an account to use the forms.
  3. Visit Law Help Interactive to fill out the petition (note: you will need to sign in if you have been signed out).
  4. Visit Law Help Interactive to fill out the response (note: you will need to sign in if you have been signed out).

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