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Official Pro Tempore Reporters

Court-Approved/Excluded Official Reporters Pro Tempore

If the services of an official court reporter are not available for a proceeding, a party may privately arrange for the court reporter services at his/her own expense, pursuant to Gov. Code § 68086 and Cal. Rules of Court, rule 2.956.

The Court-Approved List of Official Reporters Pro Tempore ("List") includes names and contact information of reporters who may be privately retained and appointed as an official court reporter pro tempore without stipulation of the parties. Alternatively, by stipulation of the parties and appointment by the judge, parties may privately retain a certified shorthand reporter not on the court-approved List to serve in a proceeding as an official court reporter pro tempore where an official court reporter is not available.

List of Court-Approved Official Reporters Pro Tempore

The Excluded List includes the names of reporters who have been removed from the Court-Approved list and are not eligible to be retained as a court reporter pro tempore.

List of Excluded Official Court Reporters Pro Tempore 

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