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Election-Related Emergencies:

The court and clerk’s office are open on Election Day during normal court hours between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

Persons seeking urgent after-hours election-related court relief should telephone the Orange County Registrar of Voters Hotline at (714) 567-5197.

The Registrar of Voters, Bob Page, can advise the public if a solution is available without court intervention or provide information about how to request after-hours court relief.

The Voter Bill of Rights is available on the Secretary of State’s webpage at

General voter information can be found on the website of the Orange County Registrar of Voters, Bob Page, at

Copy and Record Search Requests

Requesting Record Search & Copies

You may now access our online services to conduct record searches on a person or by case number. However, there are provisions in which you can also request either in person at the justice center or submit via mail.

Record Searches

Copy Requests

  • Requests for copies may be made in person in the clerk's office at the Justice Center where the case is filed or by mail.
  • Provide the following information (if unknown, there may be additional fees for conducting a record search): Click here for form: Copy Request (Form #L-696)
  • Defendant’s name
  • Case number
  • Date of birth (if known)
  • Driver’s license number (if known)
  • Specific documents requested
  • Location of violation
  • Violation date or year
  • A contact phone number of the requestor
  • To request copies by mail, provide the information or copy request form along with a check payable to “Clerk of the Court.” DO NOT SEND CASH. Click here for Justice Center locations, mailing addresses, hours and the specific cities served by each.
  • If the total amount is unknown, indicate under the amount line “not to exceed $25.00." The correct amount will be filled in and a receipt will be forwarded, along with the requested copies.
  • All checks must be pre-printed with the account holder's name.
  • Copy requests are generally filled within 7-10 working days.
  • Include a self addressed, stamped envelope large enough to accommodate the request. Postage will be added to your check if postage on envelope is insufficient.
  • Costs associated with copy requests. Click here for complete fee schedule.

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