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Media Relations

Media Relations Info

The Media Relations Office prepares and distributes news releases, and responds to media inquiries regarding court cases and programs.

In addition to assisting the media, the office organizes community outreach and education programs. The media relations office telephone number is (657) 622-7097.

When asking the court for comment on a story, remember the court cannot comment on pending cases. California Code of Judicial Ethics, Canon 3B(9) provides, in essence, that: (1) a judge shall not make any public comment about a pending or impending proceeding in any court, and (2) the judge shall require a similar abstention on the part of staff subject to the judge’s direction and control. Click here for a link to the California Code of Judicial Ethics, with Canon 3B(9) and related commentary on pages 17 and 18.

Current News Releases

Archived News Releases

Cameras in Courtroom

Rule 10.500 Access to Judicial Administrative Records

Rule 2.503 Public Access

Courtroom Live Streaming

Administrative Order No. 21/12 Order Prohibiting Photography, Broadcasting, and Filming in Court.

Newspapers of General Circulation

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