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Records/Copy Requests

Viewing Files and Requesting Copies

Viewing Files

Probate files may be reviewed from the computers located in the Records and Exhibits Management Unit at the Central Justice Center. If you are unsure of the case number for the file to be viewed, there are indexes online where you may find the court case number. If the request is for a record filed prior to1985, the microfiche or reel of that record is usually available for viewing and making copies.

Record Search

Superior Court records may be searched from 1889 to present. Current case information is available online. You may search the case by case number, person name, or business name

Image File or Register of Actions (Case Summary) Copy Requests

Request for Copies by Mail

Provide the Court with the following information or complete the Copy Request (Form #L-3009):

  • Case number (if unknown, see Record Search above).
  • Name of petitioner or respondent.
  • Name of document and date of filing, if known (please be as specific as possible).
  • If the document is 20 pages or less, write "not to exceed $25.00" below the amount line on your check. The correct amount will be filled in and you will receive a receipt with the copies. Do not send cash.
  • If the document is 21 pages or more and/or you are requesting a certified copy, certificate of fact or exemplification, write "not to exceed $60.00" below the amount line on your check. Again, the correct amount will be filled in and a receipt will be provided with the copies. Do not send cash.
  • Please provide your name, address, and telephone number, and include a 9” x 12” self-addressed, stamped envelope. Postage will be added to your check if postage is insufficient.

For additional information, see the following Court Information Sheets:

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