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Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy

The inaugural Leadership Academy was held in March of 2007 at the Central Justice Center. The Academy is an annual engagement effort aimed at expanding and enhancing the Court's relationship with the community. With the interactive sessions of the Leadership Academy, members can engage in discussions and address their concerns to the Court. They also learn about some of the issues the Court faces and programs and services available to the community. The members have the added benefit of networking with other members and learning about the agencies they represent and connecting with the legal professionals conducting the seminars.

Community-based organizations nominate individuals to represent the interests of the communities served by their organizations, such as minority groups, religious organizations, or constituents of local elected officials.

During the three-day Leadership Academy, members will meet to engage in discussions on various topics such as self-help services, collaborative court programs, juvenile delinquency, juvenile dependency, probate, civil court, traffic laws, probate and mental health courts, and family law. Each session consisted of panel speakers from various legal professions and areas from the Courts as well as time for question and answer discussions.

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Leadership Academy

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