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Election-Related Emergencies:

The court and clerk’s office are open on Election Day during normal court hours between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

Persons seeking urgent after-hours election-related court relief should telephone the Orange County Registrar of Voters Hotline at (714) 567-5197.

The Registrar of Voters, Bob Page, can advise the public if a solution is available without court intervention or provide information about how to request after-hours court relief.

The Voter Bill of Rights is available on the Secretary of State’s webpage at

General voter information can be found on the website of the Orange County Registrar of Voters, Bob Page, at

Paying Fines / Bail Refunds

Paying a Fine / Bail Refunds

Click here for information about:

  • Paying your fine in person, by mail, or online
  • Forms of payment accept by the court
  • Bail refunds
  • Paying court ordered Public Defender fees
  • How a fine is calculated

Contact the Collections Unit:

  • If you cannot pay the fine or comply with an order of the court by the due date
  • If you want to set up an installment payment plan
  • If your fine is delinquent

Failure to Pay a Fine

Failing to obey an order of the court, including paying your fine by the due date, may have serious consequences including:

  • Revocation of probation
  • Issuance of a warrant
  • Added charges
  • Jail or prison
  • Increase in fine owed
  • A civil penalty pursuant to Penal Code section 1214.1(a) for failure to pay a fine or fee. Each additional failure to appear can result in additional penalties for each non-appearance.
  • You may be subject to referral to a collection agency including wage/bank garnishments and levies.

If you are unable to comply with a court order, contact your attorney or the court prior to the due date.

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