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Evidence Presentation Equipment


Most courtrooms have been equipped with an overhead projector and wall-mounted screen for the purpose of evidence presentation. Below are the PDF documents that detail the equipment for both Civil and Criminal courtrooms.

Most Criminal courtrooms and some Civil courtrooms have a document camera and DVD/VCR player with dual VGA inputs for laptop connections. Civil courtrooms can be equipped with a Nomad Evidence Presentation podium. The podium includes the following: document camera, DVD/VCR player, computer, annotation screen, connections for a laptop and component device, and a microphone with amplifier. Because we have a limited number of podiums at certain Justice Centers, one may not be available at the time of your trial. If one is not available, we have a limited inventory of document cameras and/or DVD/VCR players as well as connections for laptops.

You can also bring in your own equipment that can be connected to a VGA input port located on the floor. Please check with the department's courtroom clerk for availability of equipment and give as much advanced notice as possible.

Tech specs for courtroom configuration:

  • Projector – Dukane ImagePro 8915 or 8918 (1024x768 Resolution)
  • Screen – Draper Salara motorized screen
  • Document Camera – Dukane Digital Presenter DVP505A
  • DVD/VCR – Sony SLV-D380P

Nomad Evidence Presentation Podium:

  • Document Camera – Samsung SDP-950DXA
  • DVD/VCR – Toshiba SDV296
  • Computer – Dell Optiplex 755 (Not connected to the internet)

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