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General Information

Welcome to the Orange County Superior Court General Info section. Here you will find contact information, career opportunities, ADA information and more.

  • ADA

    It is the policy of the Superior Court of California, County of Orange, to ensure that persons with disabilities have equal and full access to the judicial system.

  • Budget

    Budget  Information

  • COVID-19 Response

    Court Operations and Covid-19 Information

  • Children's Waiting Room (Chamber)

    Please read the guidelines here before bringing your children to Children's Waiting Room.

  • Community Outreach

    Community outreach is critical to the Orange County Superior Court and its mission to administer justice.

  • Court Calendar Appointments

    Make appointments for Collections, Family Law, and Self-Help LJC.

  • Court Governance

    View organizational information.

  • Court Holidays

    View court holidays.

  • Court Mobile Maps

  • Doing Business with the Court

    Contracts & Procurement Unit information.

  • Employment

    We employ over 1600 people in more than 70 different job classifications to perform a wide range of functions.

  • Government Claim Forms

    Pursuant to the California Government Code, beginning at Section 900, any individual seeking to file a claim for money or damages against the judicial branch must first file a written government claim.

  • Grand Jury

    The California Grand Jury is unique in its function and selection process compared to other juries, including petit and trial juries and federal grand juries.

  • Judicial Officers

    Use your Web Browser’s Find/Search functions (Ctl-F) to find the Judge by last name or by Department number.

  • Lawyers & Litigants

    This section offers widely used links to court specific information for lawyers and litigants involved in a court action.

  • Locations & Contact Info

    Court locations, contact information, and more.

  • Media Relations

    The Media Relations Office prepares and distributes news releases, and responds to media inquiries regarding court cases and programs.

  • News & Events

    Notices, court updates, and news releases from Orange County Superior Courts.

  • Records

    The court maintains records dating back to 1898. However, the retention times vary by case type. Newer records may be available online.

  • Temporary Judge Program

    Pursuant to Rule 2.818(b)(1)(a), an attorney may not serve as a court-appointed temporary judge: (1) If the attorney, in any type of case, is appearing on the same day in the same courthouse as an attorney or as a party.

Suggestions & Complaints

The Orange County Superior Court wants its users to have equal access to justice, including a fair, timely, and efficient handling of their cases.

If you have a concern regarding a court staff member, court  procedure, or a suggestion on improving a process, please complete the form provided HERE 

If you have a concern regarding a Judge, Commissioner, Assigned Judge, Temporary Judge or Court Referee, please complete the form provided HERE 

Please return by mail to:

Office of the Presiding Judge
Superior Court, County of Orange
Central Justice Center, Dept. C1
700 Civic Center Drive, West
Santa Ana, CA 92701‐4045

Forms can also be delivered to Court Courtesy Boxes or door slots located outside any of our Court locations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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