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Self-Help Probate

Probate: General Information

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit the Court’s COVID-19 page for the latest information regarding our available services. You can access the page by clicking here.

For Self-Help Services’ hours of operation and services, please click here.

Our Probate Self Help pages help you handle property transfers at death, plan for estate management, and much more. Probate cases can be about:
  • Children – guardianship, emancipation and minor’s compromise cases
  • Adults who can't represent themselves (conservatorship cases)
  • Handling the estates of people who have died (property transfer)
  • Planning for your old age and death (trusts and power of attorney)

Probate cases are heard at the Costa Mesa Justice Complex in Costa Mesa. See Probate cases online at the Online Case Access.

Probate Cases


Probate Help for Children (Minors)


Probate Wills and Trusts (Property Transfers)

Medical/financial/end of Life

More Probate Help & Information

Assistance by Phone or in Person

Probate Court Location

Probate Court is is at Costa Mesa Justice Complex (CMJC) 3390 Harbor Blvd., Costa Mesa, CA 92626. The Probate Clerk’s Office is on the First Floor of the Costa Mesa Justice Complex courthouse.

There are several people in the probate department who can give you information:

Probate Examiners/Probate Notes The probate examiners review petitions and supporting documents for matters set for hearings in the probate court, to make sure they are complete and agree with California law, local court rules, and other requirements (like publication and notice).

The probate examiners review the petitions three to four weeks before the hearing and prepare a written summary called probate notes. The probate notes set forth any deficiencies or additional information required by the court. The notes will often also tell the party additional document(s) needed by the court for the probate judge and parties on the case.

Probate staff attorney The probate research attorney helps the judge review cases set for hearing.
Viewing Probate Notes The probate notes may be viewed by parties three to four weeks before the hearing online, under Online Services/Probate Notes.
  • Remember: Probate cases are complicated. You will need to learn new words. Visit the Probate Glossary page with Probate Terms . You will need to learn about the Court’s rules and procedures. Refer to the local Probate rules.
  • If you need more help, talk to a lawyer. You can get a referral to a lawyer from a lawyer referral service.


    Additional Resources


    You may also find the appropriate forms and get help filling out the forms you need using the tutorial form programs and eFilng options on the Self-Help Centers’ “Create Court Forms” page.


    Probate Videos

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