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Parking Citations and Appeals

Parking Citations and Appeals

Unsigned parking citations are handled by the issuing city. Signed citations are filed with the court. Please see information below.

Parking Appeals are processed by the Court’s Civil Department, see below.

Parking Citations Left on Your Vehicle

Unsigned parking citations are processed by the issuing city. If you have questions regarding parking citation, please contact the city in which you received the citation, or refer to the telephone number on the citation. For additional information, the list of agencies processing parking citations are:

City of Anaheim - 714-765-1860
City of Brea/Yorba Linda - 800-553-4412
City of Buena Park - 888-207-5715
City of Fullerton - 800-273-6488
City of Laguna Beach - 949-497-0701
City of La Habra/La Palma - 714-690-3369
City of Placentia - 800-553-4412
City of Santa Ana - 714-432-6166 and 800-273-6488

For all other agencies and Orange County cities, please contact: Citation Processing Center - 800-989-2058

How do I contest an unsigned parking citation?

If unsigned you must contact the agency that issued the citation as indicated on your citation or at the phone number as provided above.

Within 30 days after the mailing or personal delivery of the final decision from the issuing agency, you may seek review by filing an appeal to be heard by the County Superior Court. Refer to local form L1179 Information on Appeal of Parking Citation for further information or contact the court’s Limited Civil Department. Click here for locations, phone numbers and hours.


Signed parking citations may be filed with the court which serves the city which you received your citation. Please review your citation for the court location and due date.

What information does my citation provide for me? It is important to read the information on the front and back of your citation. The front provides you with the following information.

  • Citation number
  • Commercial vehicle license information
  • Date and time of the citation
  • Issuing Agency and Officer
  • Location of violation
  • Court location and time of appearance which you promised to appear

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Will I receive any notification from the court to appear or my other options?

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to contact the court on or before the appearance date which appears on your citation, however, you may receive a “violation information notice” from the court with options for handling your specific charges. If your appearance is mandatory, you must appear.

What are my options for handling my citation if filed with the court?

Various options for handling different types of violations are listed below, however, follow the instructions given either from the court itself or on your violation information notice. If you have any further questions, please contact the court through the Automated Information and Payment Center.

To conduct court business via online services, which includes requesting an extension, establishing a payment plan or making a payment, submitting electronic correspondence, submitting proof of correction online, reserving a court date, or setting up automatic reminders for your case(s), access My Court Portal as a guest user or create an account.

How do I get help with my citation?

Court staff is only authorized to provide information regarding the court’s procedures in processing citations. All court staff is prohibited by law from giving legal advice to litigants or to assist in the completion of any forms, including forms provided by the court, for the following reasons:

  • Court staff are not attorneys. The clerical staff are trained to accept papers for filing and do not have the expertise in legal consequences of information included on the forms.
  • The court must be neutral in any proceeding. By assisting one side or the other, court staff can give off the perception as taking sides or being biased towards a party to the case.

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