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Fee Schedule

The Clerk of the Court and his deputies are prohibited by law from rendering legal assistance or advice in Court proceedings (Sec. 24004 and 68082., California Government Code). Persons appearing in their own behalf (in propria persona) are responsible for preparing and presenting their pleadings in complete and proper form without legal assistance from deputies of the Clerk of the Court. Questions pertaining to legal matters or the proper completion of the appropriate forms should be directed to an attorney of law.

  • Filings paid with checks that are returned without payment will be voided if not paid by cash or certified check within 20 days of notification. (Code of Civil Procedure 411.20).
  • Filings received with less than required fee will be voided if full fee is not paid within the statutory time (CCP 411.21)
  • Make Checks Payable to: Clerk of the Court (Return check service charge $45.00)

Full Fee Schedules: Effective January 1, 2024

                                                                                                                  Orange County Public Fee Schedule

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