Traffic School

General Information for Traffic School:

You may be eligible for traffic school if you have not attended in the last 18 months and the violation(s) qualify. Your Violation Information Notice will include the amount to go to traffic school if the above criteria are met. You can sign up and pay online, by phone or in person at any of the court locations.

Successful completion of traffic school:

  • Masks (conceals) the ticket from certain entities such as auto insurance companies, except as noted below.
  • Keeps "points" from showing up on your DMV record. If you get points on your record, your insurance company may ask you to pay more for insurance, or they may cancel your policy.

Effective January 1, 2013, Class A, B or Commercial Class C licensed drivers cited while driving a noncommercial vehicle, are eligible to attend traffic school based on existing eligibility requirements. The conviction will not be masked on the driver’s record, however, no point(s) will be assessed.

If you cannot afford to pay for the traffic school fee in one lump sum, you can make payments by completing the Agreement to Pay Traffic Violator School Fees in Installments (TR-310) . Payments arrangements are not available online or through the mail. Bring the form to any of the court locations.

More information is available on signing up for traffic school, paying for traffic school, getting an extension to enroll or complete traffic school, and submitting proof of completion.

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