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Court Appearance

Court Appearance Information

Criminal matters generally require a court appearance, unless advised differently by the court or attorney for the defendant.


You must appear at the Justice Center location as indicated on the citation, release paper, bail or bond paperwork, or arraignment letter from the prosecuting agency. To verify the appearance date or the status of the filing of criminal charges, access the court's online case or calendar information for both out of custody and in custody defendants.

On the court date, check the posted calendar to verify the courtroom department number and hearing time. If the case is on calendar, go directly to the courtroom. If the case is not posted on the calendar, check in with the Criminal Division Clerk's Office for further instructions. Appearances are generally scheduled for 8:30 a.m.; therefore, you should arrive in ample time to check in with the courtroom by 8:30 a.m.

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WARNING: Failure to appear may result in a warrant of arrest being issued.


To advance and/or calendar the case, appear in the Criminal Division Clerk's Office by 8:00 a.m., Monday through Friday.


If an interpreter is required, make a request either with the Criminal Division Clerk's Office or in the courtroom on the date of the hearing.


If a person has been arrested, he/she will be detained at one of the city or county jail facilities. They may be detained for up to two court days or up to 48 hours excluding weekends and holidays pursuant to California Penal Code section 825. If the prosecuting agency files criminal charges, the defendant may be arraigned prior to being released. To check status of a detained person, you can:


  • Shirt and shoes are required in the courtroom.
  • Food, drinks, and gum chewing are NOT allowed.
  • Weapons are NOT allowed in the courthouse. The Superior Court of Orange County is a fully secured facility and all visitors are subject to weapons screening upon entering the facility.
  • All electronic devices such as pagers, cell phones and lap top computers must be silenced or turned off in the courtroom.
  • The well (between counsel table and the judge’s bench) is a restricted area. Counsel and other parties must request permission to enter the well.
  • Counsel table: Plaintiff/People are always assigned closest to the jury box. Defense is farthest from the jury box.
  • Additional instructions may be posted on the courtroom door or explained by courtroom staff.

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