My Court Portal-Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs )

My Court Portal-FAQs

Can I sign up for a My Court Portal account if I'm not the individual listed on the case as the defendant?
No, please note that once you verify a case with your My Court Portal account, it will be attached permanently to that account. When you enter a case number or OC Pay Number during registration, verification occurs requiring you to verify your personal information to ensure you are the defendant in the case. When you sign up for a My Court Portal Account, you are agreeing that you are the defendant in the case used to set up the account.
If you are not the defendant in the case, you may view the case by accessing My Court Portal as a Guest User.

What is the difference between a My Court Portal Registered User and a Guest User?
Both Registered Users and Guest Users will have access to basic case information, requesting an extension, making a payment on a case, establishing an online payment plan, reserving a court date, and submitting eCorrespondence for eligible cases.
In addition to the above, a Registered User will have access to a personal Dashboard, which will show all of the user's Active Cases, Closed Cases, and gives the user the ability to add "other" cases (5 cases maximum) to their personal Dashboard. Registered Users are also granted the ability to receive email or text notifications for Pending Matters due on their cases and view enhanced Case Detail information.

Why can't I use My Court Portal to view my case?
If there is a My Court Portal Account already created for your case, you will not be able to create another My Court Portal Account. Upon entering the case number, a message will appear informing you if the case has already been associated to a My Court Portal Account.
If your case is a Felony case, you will not be able to utilize My Court Portal services to view and/or conduct actions for your case at this time. My Court Portal is currently available for Infraction and Misdemeanor cases only.

Why can't I select all the buttons under "Case Actions"?
Only case actions that your case qualifies for will be enabled for you to select. If your case does not qualify for these services, you will not be able to select the button for that service under Case Actions. If you have any questions, you may contact at the Court at (657) 622-8459 Monday to Friday from 8AM to 4PM.

I want to request an extension for my case or traffic school, can I do that in My Court Portal?
If your case is eligible to receive an extension for the Appear By/Due Date or a Traffic School Completion Date, the "Request an Extension" button will be enabled. Currently, request an extension services are only eligible for Infraction cases.

What are Automatic Reminders, and where can I sign up to receive them?
Automatic Reminders are available for My Court Portal Registered Users only. A Guest User will not be able to set-up, modify, or opt-out of any Automatic Reminders.
Once a Registered User accesses their Dashboard, they have the ability to opt-in to receive email or text reminders for their case events shown in the Pending Matters section. Automatic Reminders are sent out two days prior to the event due date, at 4PM Pacific Standard Time. At the time of opting-in to receive Automatic Reminders, please note that if the event is less than two days away, you will not receive an automatic reminder on that event.

I signed up to receive Automatic Reminders, but I want to delete or modify the email/mobile number I signed up with. How do I do that?
You may delete existing Automatic Reminders by selecting the "trash" icon located in the Pending Matters section of your Dashboard. If you want to modify your email address or mobile number set to receive the automatic reminder, navigate to the Notification Preferences page in your My Court Portal Account. Passcode verifications are required when you modify your email address or mobile number.


Can I contact the Court or send a request for my case electronically?
eCorrespondence (electronic correspondence) is available for most Infraction cases. When using My Court Portal to view your case, if the "eCorrespondence" button is enabled, you may select it and submit an electronic message and upload a PDF document to the Court. Upon submission, you will be provided with a Confirmation Number for your eCorrespondence request.

What happens after I submit eCorrespondence?
The Court will receive and review your message, then send you an electronic response (letter) to the email address you used at the time of submitting eCorrespondence. A response from the Court is typically sent to your email inbox within 1-3 business days. If the request requires judicial review, processing time may take up to 10-15 business days. If you do not see the message in your email inbox, please also check your junk mail. If you have any questions, you can contact the Court at (657) 622-8459.

Why is the eCorrespondence button disabled in My Court Portal?
eCorrespondence is only available on open Infraction cases, or in Infraction cases that have been closed in the last 60 days. Other options for sending letters or requests to the Court is via mail or you may visit one of the Orange County Court locations. Court Operations hours are Monday to Friday, 8AM to 4PM. Please click here to view the court locations.

Online Payment Plan-FAQs

How are the traffic ticket fines calculated?
Each violation listed on a citation is assessed a base fine. In addition to the base fine, there are additional assessments added to make up the total fine amount due to the court. Additional assessments are Court Operations Fee, Conviction Assessment Fee, Emergency Medical Air Transport Fee, Night Court Operations Fee, and State Surcharge of 20%. For a complete copy of the Statewide Civil Fee Schedule click here .

Will the online payment service allow partial payments to be made?
No, partial payments are not accepted online. However, partial payments are accepted at any Orange County Court locations. Please click here to view the court locations.

Will I be able to make an online payment if I live out-of-state?
Provided you have a credit card with a billing address within the United States, that is, a billing address with a valid U.S. zip code, you will be able to pay online.

Will the online payment service allow me to use a debit card as a form of payment?
Yes, debit cards are accepted. However, prepaid debit cards are not accepted.

If making payment by Credit Card, a Service Fee payment of $6.20 is assessed. If making payment by Electronic Funds Transfer (Check), a Service Fee payment of $3.45 is assessed.

What payment options do I have if I cannot pay my ticket online or establish a payment plan?
If you are unable to make a payment online, you may send a check or money order to:
Information Payment Center, P.O. Box 6040, Newport Beach, CA 92658-6040.