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You can pay the bail amount on your traffic citation, sign-up for traffic school and request an extension online or through our automated phone system. You must have your OC Pay # available to utilize this service. Click here for more information on your OC Pay #. To take advantage of this service, select ONLINE SERVICES.

If you have a financial hardship and can show that you are unable to pay the full amount for the offenses on your traffic ticket, you may request the court to consider your ability to pay. However, you must appear before the court to do so.

If you wish to see a judge, you must click here to "Reserve a court date."

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found below.

What information is on my citation?

Your citation contains important information. Read the front and back of the citation. The citation will include the:

  • Citation number
  • Alleged violation
  • Offense level (misdemeanor or infraction)
  • Issuing Agency and Officer
  • Issue date and location of violation
  • Court location
  • Date and time of the appearance
  • Information on what to do
How do I know when to appear?

It is your responsibility to contact the court on or before the appearance date which appears on your citation. You may receive a “violation information notice” from the court with options for handling your specific charges. If your appearance is mandatory, you must appear.

A violation information notice may be mailed to you at the address listed on the citation within 21 days of the date the citation was issued. The notice contains general information and options available for resolving the citation, which may include:

  • Amount of bail
  • Proof of correction requirements for mechanical violations, registration, license and insurance violations
  • Mandatory court appearance requirements
  • Traffic school eligibility requirements
  • Date due

If you do not receive a violation information notice, contact the court as failure to receive a violation information notice is not a legal excuse for failing to take care of the citation. When submitting payments and/or documents by mail, allow 10 days for delivery and processing.

How do I find out the options for handling my citation?

Various options for handling different types of violations are listed below, however, follow the instructions given either from the court itself or on your violation information notice. If you have any further questions, please contact the court through the Automated Information and Payment Center.

How do I get help with my citation?

Court staff can:

  • Explain how the court works
  • Give you general information about court rules and procedures
  • Provide you with court schedules and information on how to get a case scheduled
  • Provide you with information from your case
  • Provide you with court forms

Court staff cannot:

  • Tell you what option to take
  • Tell you what to say in court
  • Tell you what word to use on your paper
  • Give you an opinion about what will happen in court
  • Talk to the Judge for you

Click here for MC-800

How do I take care of registration and driver's license violations?

If you were cited with a registration violation and have proof of valid registration from the Department of Motor Vehicles, you may submit a copy of your registration along with a $25.00 proof of correction fee to the court on or before your due as indicated on your citation. If you cannot provide proof for the vehicle cited an appearance in court is required.

Some license violations such as California Vehicle Code sections 12500 and 14601 may require a mandatory court appearance. Follow the instructions on your violation information notice or contact the court prior to the date indicated on your citation.

How do I take care of vehicle insurance violations?

If you didn't have proof of insurance (financial responsibility) at the time the citation was issued, you may pay the full bail amount for violation or appear in court on or before your due date as indicated on your citation.

If you had proof of insurance at the time the citation was issued, but not in your possession when cited, this is a correctable violation. You may either submit proof, as outlined below, with your payment or bring your insurance policy with you to the court to show proof. Proof of insurance cannot be signed off by law enforcement.

  • Acceptable proof of insurance must include the following information:
  • Name of Insurance Company
  • Policy Number
  • Effective coverage dates showing insurance was effective on the date you were cited
  • The vehicle must listed on the policy
  • Billing statements are not acceptable

If the proof does not show all the above information, the total bail amount must be paid; if not, a court appearance is required on or before the due date as indicated on your citation.

If you are cited for a second or subsequent violation for not having proof of insurance, the prior conviction(s) will cause this violation to require a mandatory court appearance.


How do I Reserve a Court Date?


To appear in front of a judicial officer for a traffic citation
at any Orange County Court, you must reserve a date.

How do I reserve a court date?

  • 24 hours/day, 7 days/week at this link
  • in person, 8:00am - 4:00pm Monday - Friday

You must have the following information:

  • Citation number or OC Pay number listed on your courtesy notice AND one of the following
  • Driver's License Number OR Vehicle License OR Date of Birth
I received a notice from a photo enforcement system, what do I do?

If you were not the driver do not pay the citation if you intend on reporting the vehicle was driven by someone else. Follow the instructions provided to you by the law enforcement agency that issued the citation.

If you were the driver you have the same options listed under "How do I find my options for handling my citation?"

If you received a photo enforcement citation, you may be given the opportunity to view the actual violation. To make this request, follow the instructions on the citation or call the following agency telephone number:

  • Garden Grove Police Department 714-741-5732
  • Los Alamitos Police Department 562-431-2255
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