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New Programs Added to I-CAN!™ Self-Help Services

Santa Ana- The latest in free self-help legal information has expanded service to help those who need assistance in completing court forms to obtain a divorce, a name change, or a guardianship.

The Interactive Community Assistance Network “I-CAN!™”, available in English and Spanish, is a free service that helps users understand the legal system and guides them through the process of filling out legal forms. I-CAN!™ kiosks are located in courthouses, women’s shelters and libraries, or on the Web at

I-CAN!™ is a great system that helps those who have little computer or legal knowledge,” said Chief Executive Officer Alan Slater. “A video guide takes users step by step through the legal process by asking a series of tutorial-type questions that helps litigants understand which forms to use, how to complete them and where to file the completed forms,” added Slater.

The first I-CAN!™ Kiosk debuted in 2000 and has proven effective in assisting self-representing litigants in completing court forms in many different case types which include:

The I-CAN!™ system was developed through a partnership with the Superior Court of Orange County and the Legal Aid Society of Orange County. The new modules were partially funded with a Trial Court Innovation Grant from the Judicial Administration Efficiency and Modernization Fund.

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