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The Superior Court of Orange County Responds to Public Concerns About Traffic Ticket Data Entry

Santa Ana- The Superior Court of Orange County has received hundreds of calls and e-mails from the public and the media about the Court’s contract for traffic ticket citation data input with Cal Coast Data Entry, Inc. (CCDE). Seven bids were submitted in the competitive selection process.

The Court has a two-year agreement which ends February 2008 with CCDE for scanning, transmitting, and inputting data electronically with a cost for the two-year period not to exceed $1,504,000. The cost of work completed was $656,939 for the first year of the contract. The Court is reviewing the contract with the vendor for any information that may be privileged, trade secret, or proprietary.

Some 500,000 traffic tickets are processed by the Court annually. Data input includes information from traffic and non-traffic infractions, and a small percentage of minor misdemeanor traffic tickets. No security breaches or cases of identity theft have been reported. Traffic citations do not contain Social Security numbers.

CCDE uses a multi-layer security package which provides for confidentiality and control of the data. The traffic citations are transported to CCDE’s facility in Cerritos, California. The encrypted data are scrambled and sent electronically to the Nogales facility via a private, secure line. The electronic images are not converted to paper and are entered into the computer electronically without a paper record. The data is stored in an encrypted format which is scrambled and transferred electronically to a secure site only the Court is authorized to access. The Court transfers the data electronically into the Court’s case management system. As previously indicated in the News Release dated July 26, 2007, the security features are state-of-the-art.

Court Release #016-07

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