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New 2007-2008 Orange County Grand Jury Selected

Santa Ana- The 19 members and 11 alternates of the 2007-2008 Orange County Grand Jury were selected today from a drawing held in Dept. C1 of the Central Justice Center, 700 Civic Center Drive West, Santa Ana.

The composition of the 19 members of the new Grand Jury include four Hispanics, two African-Americans and 13 Caucasians; 12 males and 7 females. The average age of those selected is 65 years old, ranging from 47 to 75.

Canvassing efforts for prospective Grand Jury members included the following: More than 3,000 applications were mailed to prospective applicants, and flyers were distributed to 1,190 companies and 111 minority organizations. Also, current members of the Grand Jury and the Grand Jury Recruitment/Selection Committee spoke to organizations and appeared on Spanish and Vietnamese language television and radio programs to inform the community of the opportunity to serve on the Grand Jury.

Following a six-day training program, the members and three alternates will officially take the oath of office and begin their one-year term on July 2, 2007 at 10:00 a.m. in Dept. C1. The names of the 2007-2008 Grand Jury members are attached.

2007/2008 GRAND JURY

  1. Wanda Shaffer
  2. Kent Wright
  3. Amelia Arizmendez
  4. William Guidas
  5. Frederick Schwanbeck
  6. Michael Verrengia
  7. Tammy Martinez
  8. Thomas Elder
  9. Allen Field
  10. Thomas Eichhorn
  11. John Bushman
  12. Irene Kennedy
  13. Karl Anatol
  14. Erick Faraldo
  15. Ann Andres
  16. Lawrence Bertino
  17. Francis Tassin
  18. Donald Grime
  19. Carol Ballesty


  1. Janet Buell
  2. Pauline Younkin
  3. Patricia Bennett
  4. Nancy Schuba
  5. Richard Newman
  6. Georgiana Brady
  7. Glen Stroud
  8. Larry Griswold
  9. Charyl McCully
  10. Sue Coder
  11. Jesse Rosenblum

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