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Prospective Jurors Can Go Online July 17, 2006 Just Point and Click to Respond to Your Summons

Santa Ana- Prospective jurors in Orange County will be able to confirm their jury service online at anytime when the Court launches its new web-based “eJuror” program on July 17, 2006.

“The system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” said Presiding Judge Nancy Wieben Stock. This improves access for the public, while making their jury service more convenient because they no longer are limited to getting information during court hours.”

The web-based system will give jurors information about jury service, payment information, trial and court information, and an opportunity to postpone or defer jury service until a later date. Jurors will also be able to submit on line their requests for excuse and disqualification from jury service. The “eJuror” system is designed to ask pertinent questions to provide court staff with the necessary information to process the requests without any further need to contact the juror. Some requests will be automatically processed; in which case, jurors will be advised by email of the status of their request. When the requests need staff review and determination, jurors will only need to go online at a later date to check the status of their requests.

Additionally, summoned jurors will be able to print out a jury service attendance letter to submit to their employer.

The web link for “eJuror” is located on the Court’s jury service homepage at Simply use your nine digit jury ID number printed on your summons to access the system.

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