Courtroom Information

Please no calls directly to the courtroom. Should you need additional information, you may contact the Juvenile Clerk's office at (657) 622-6878.

Language Access: If you require free interpreter services for a Juvenile Court proceeding, contact the Language Access office to request an interpreter: Click here to request a free interpreter

Juvenile Panel



Judge Craig E. Arthur
Presiding Judge of the Juvenile Court

Teen Court (Friday)
Crossover Youth Court (Wed @ 1:30 PM)

 L22   Judge Lindsay E. Martinez  

Dependency (Mon – Friday)
G.R.A.C.E Court (Tues @ 9:30 AM held in Dept. L21)

May 31, 2022 – Public Notice & mailed 
 L23  Judge Isabel Apkarian  Dependency (Mon - Friday) April 23, 2021 - Public Notice
 L31  Judge Robert Gerard  Dependency (Mon - Friday) January 4, 2021 - Public Notice
 L32  Judge Daphne Sykes  Dependency (Mon-Friday)
January 26, 2022 - Public Notice & mailed
 L33  Judge Dennis J. Keough  Dependency (Mon - Friday) November 30, 2021 - Public Notice
 L34   Judge Vibhav Mittal  Dependency (Mon - Friday) October 4, 2021 - Public Notice
 L41  Judge Antony C. Ufland
Assistant Presiding Judge of
the Juvenile Court
Juvenile Justice (Mon-Friday)
Truancy Court (e/o Wed @ 1:30)
Youth Development Court (2nd & 4th Friday)
May 31, 2022 – Public Notice & mailed
 L42  Judge Joe T. Perez
Juvenile Justice (Mon-Friday)
Truancy Court (Wed @ 1:30)
Recovery Court (Thurs @ 1:30) - held in Dept. L21
May 31, 2022 - Public Notice & mailed
 L43  Judge Douglas Hatchimonji Juvenile Justice (Mon-Friday)
Truancy Court (e/o Wed @ 1:30)
April 11 2016 – notice mailed
May 21, 2020 – Public Notice
July 12, 2021 – Public Notice
 L44  As Assigned  Juvenile Justice (Temporarily Closed)
Juvenile Court assigns cases on a direct calendar system. A case assigned to a judge will remain with that judge until termination of jurisdiction, unless otherwise ordered pursuant to Juvenile Court Administrative Order No. 11/003-900 ,

Juvenile Court proceedings are confidential and closed to the public, with few exceptions. Persons allowed to be present at juvenile court hearings are stated in Juvenile Court Administrative Orders 12/003-903, 11/010-903 and 11/009-906
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