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For contact information for the County of Orange DUI Court program in your jurisdiction go to the locations page and click on your court.

Community Courts Foundation

The Community Courts Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation formed to support the incredibly successful Collaborative Court Programs. The Foundation works closely with the Courts by providing participants with services and support that help them satisfy program requirements, overcome obstacles during recovery and develop the life skills and confidence they need to become productive members of society. The Foundation provides the following support and services to program participants and graduates:

  • Emergency dental services
  • Eye exams and lenses
  • Transportation vouchers
  • Civic and cultural events & activities
  • Educational workshops
  • Linkage to existing resources
  • Educational assistance & guidance
  • Alumni support & mentoring


The mission of the NCDC is to raise awareness about the success of DWI Courts, provide training, technical assistance and research to DWI Courts, and establish new DWI Courts.

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