Courtroom Information

Please no calls directly to the courtroom. Should you need additional information, you may contact the Juvenile Clerk's office at (657) 622-6878.

Juvenile Panel

Dept Judicial Officer Panel Notices
 L21  Judge Maria D. Hernandez  Dependency  Presiding Judge of Juvenile Court
 L22  Judge Douglas Hatchimonji  Dependency  
 L23  Judge Dennis Keough  Dependency  
 L31  Commissioner Katherine Lewis  Dependency   Cases previously assigned to Commissioner Gary Bischoff are reassigned to Commissioner Katherine Lewis, effective May 1, 2017.
 L32  Judge Gary Moorhead  Dependency  
 L33  Judge Gassia Apkarian  Dependency  
 L34  Judge Craig Arthur  Dependency  
 L41  Judge Lewis Clapp  Dependency  
 L42  Judge Joanne Motoike  Dependency  
 L43  Judge Fred W. Slaughter  Dependency  
 L44  Judge Bradley Erdosi  Dependency  
Unless otherwise noted, courtroom sessions begin at 8:30am each court day. Judicial officer assignments may vary based on availability and department need.

Juvenile Court proceedings are confidential and closed to the public, with few exceptions. Persons entitled to be present at Juvenile Court Hearings are stated in Juvenile Court Administrative Orders 12/003-903, 11/010-903 and 11/009-906 which can be found here:
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