Reporter Transcripts

Court Reporter and Interpreter Services (CRIS) is part of the Operations Support Division. Our Mission is to serve the court and community through the preservation of the official court record; and by providing language assistance to the Limited English Proficient (LEP) court users and the hearing impaired.

How do I request a Court Reporter Transcript?

Requests for Court Reporter Transcripts may be submitted via e-mail directly to the court reporter. In order to process your request, we will need the following information in your email:

  • Name and telephone number of requester (Required information)
  • Case Name
  • Case Number
  • Date of Proceedings
  • Name of Judge
  • Courtroom number
  • Location of Courthouse where Hearing/Trial was held

Note: Please allow one week to be contacted by the reporter. If you have not been contacted in one week please call Court Reporter Services at (657) 622-6878, Option 6.

If you do not know the name of the court reporter, please submit your request with the above information to:

List of reporter's email by last name:

Name Email Address
Araneta, Adriana
Augustine, Lisa
Axton, Caryl
Bartovich, AnnaMarie
Bayle, Theresa
Belasco, Christine
Brezna, Patrick
Bullard, Jay
Bushman, Nancy
Buturoaga, Daniela
Cadiz, Debra Lynne
Cagney, Kathleen
Chiaravalloti, Michael
Christopher, Kathryn
Cohen, Linda
Coney, Monica
Costello, Suzanne
Cox (Wagner), Donna
Damron, Kristy
D'Angelo, Laura
De Jarld, Michelle
Denevan, Carol
Du Bois, Alicia
Ferraro, Arlene
Fish, Denise
Flynn, Colleen
Gahring, Marcia
Garner, Leslie
Gaunt, Andrea
Germain, Heidi
Gillick, Jeanette
Gottlieb, Michelle
Grant, Emma
Green, Douglas
Gregor, Carolyn
Groom, Lisa
Grove, Teresa
Harding, Marie
Harpster, Jennifer
Hasson, Jodi
Henningham, LaVette
Hettick, Kathleen
Hill, Shelley
Hoffman, Kathy
Hutchison, Karen
Kaldenbach(-Manton) Kimberly
Kantor, Kimberly
Kline, Heidi
Kline, Stephen
Klingaman, Stephanie
Kuebler, Sherri
Chiaravalloti (Lewis), Jennifer
Lindsey, Patti
Lusk, Kathy
Maxson, Kimberly
Miller, Theresa
Mintz, Aaron
Mullarky, Darci
Munoz, Lori
O'Rourke, Tina
Owen, Kimberly
Palmer, Lisa
Pardee, Lois
Parker, Kary
Patton, Shari
Pay, Stephen
Peters, Lisa
Peterson, Lynn
Phillips, Karen
Pinkham, Debora
Puckett, Karen
Ramirez, Monica
Reitan, Kim
Rex, Kimberly
Rouly, Lisa
Rowan-Barton, Julia
Rowe, Susan
Sanchez, Maria (ANGIE)
Scott, Jennifer
Scott, Nina
Serrano, Edward
Skochko, Aimee
Smith, Jennifer
Sokolow, Melissa
Stamper Taylor, M. Pam
Stein, Kimberlee
Tatreau, Wendy
Taylor, Janet
Taylor, Randi
Thomas, Jinger
Tilbury, Lauren
Uehara, Elaine
Vallarino, Wendi
Vanderplate, Robyn
Vigil, Jacqueline
Walters, Cinnamon
Webb, Bobette
Webb, Warren
Wilbur, Alice
Willis, Sharon
Wingerd, Sandra
Wright, Kathleen

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