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How do I File a Response to a Civil Complaint?

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How do I File a Response to a Civil Complaint?

Various forms for Answers and General Denials are available on-line. Select the form that properly corresponds to the complaint/petition or you may submit your Answer in the form and format prescribed by California Rules of Court, rules 2.100 et seq. Your Answer must include a proof of service (Proof of Service by First Class Mail-Civil (Form #POS-030) ), showing service upon the plaintiff and/or their attorney of record. You may wish to seek the advice of an attorney as the clerk may not give any legal advice. Failure to file a response may lead to a judgment being entered against you.

A fee is required for each person filing a legal response. In some situations, you may be able to qualify for a waiver of court fees. The request to have the court fees waived must be filed along with your documents. Fee Waiver Packets (Form #L-80) are available on-line.

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